The #bakedbylace cake base makes a comeback after more a decade! This used to be the cupcake/layer cake base for when I ran my baking business in SMU. =)



8" Round Cake. We recommend storing and consuming the cake at room temeperature where it will keep for 3 to 4 days. Due to its high butter content, the tender cake will be hard if refrigerated.


A moist, buttery tea cake base that's tender crumbed and earthy with the addition of Uji Matcha powder, lifted with citrusy rivulets of Valrhona's Yuzu Inspiration and topped with a nutty, nubbly savoury-sweet miso crumble. Your afternoon tea cake remade with an explosion of flavours.


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UMAMI CAKE. Uji Matcha, Yuzu, Miso - 1st NOV (SUN)


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