*Gourmand World Cookbook Awards 2018 - Best Family Cookbook SG*



Inspired by the author's Granny, this is a book about the everyday meals and customs in Singapore, the special occasions that mark our lives and the loving intentions behind them that we often take for granted. This is a compilation of carefully recorded recipes, observations and research, many of these marvellous dishes from the author’s Granny, Grandpa (a gifted cook who ran his own food stall at a coffee shop), Auntie Alicia as well as from taste memories and through inspiring conversations with people.



Peppered with personal tales, specially curated food quotes, mouthwatering pictures that accompany each recipe, step by step shots, as well as a notes section to help you understand the cooking process more. E.g. What types of rice to use for congee and how to tell when it is finally done and more... This is an ode to the people who have lovingly crafted our meals. Come take a walk Inside the Singapore Kitchen. Three Dishes One Soup is at major bookstores in Singapore, BookDepository, Amazon and GooglePlay.





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Three Dishes One Soup - Inside the Singapore Kitchen by Lace Zhang