*Packaging is different now with a gold coloured cover. Ig Stories for more information*



Papa Zhang's signature pineapple tarts that he's been feeding family and close friends with for over 30 years. Each tart is skilfully hand rolled and features a buttery, tender, melt-in-your-mouth pastry, encasing a homecooked pineapple jam filling.


To make the filling, fresh pineapples are hand-grated and patiently cooked down over the stovetop for hours, untill all the water evaporates and the fruit caramelizes into a stickily jammy consistency. This requires hours of constant stirring and scraping the bottom of the cooking vessel to ensure an even caramelization of the jam.


Grating the pineapples by hand ensures you get that textural contrast in each bite from the shards of pineapple VS using machinery which turns everything into mush. A true labour of love, this is a totally different animal from the commercial pineapple pastes you get outside that are usually laden with preservatives and chemicals. ;)


After many hours of hand grating and slowly cooking down each batch of pineapple paste, it is then portioned, weighed and rolled into little logs all of the same size. After which, Papa Zhang's signature pastry is then made and then divided into many little portions. After all this comes the final assembly of pastry meeting pineapple. Phew!



Note: Due to the labour-intensive nature of this product (100% hand made and rolled), we are only able to produce limited quantities per batch. Do check Instagram for more updates!

Pineapple Tarts