Papa Zhang's signature pineapple tarts that he's been feeding family and close friends with for 30 years. Each tart is skilfully hand rolled and features a buttery, tender, melt-in-your-mouth pastry, encasing a homecooked pineapple jam filling.


To make the filling, fresh pineapples are hand-grated (no machinery) and patiently cooked down for hours over the stovetop untill it becomes a stickily  jammy consistency. Grating the pineapples by hand ensures you get that textural contrast in each bite from the shards of pineapple vs a complete mush when you use machinery. A true labour of love, this is a totally different animal from the commercial pineapple pastes you get outside that are usually laden with preservatives and chemicals. ;)



Note: Due to the labour-intensive nature of this product, only limited quantities are produced each round. Do check Instagram for updates on each sale!



Pineapple Tarts


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