455g to 475g loaf. (Classic) We recommned storing and consuming the cake at room temperature, where it will last for 2 to 3 days. If refrigerated, the molten core will firm up. Before consuming, thaw a slice for at least 3 to 4 hours at room temp or microwave it for 10 to 12 seconds. Instructions will also be on the cake box.



This decadent chocolate cake is a play on texture and mouthfeel. Its outer layer is akin to a rich chocolate cake, and houses a core of molten, bittersweet fudge that oozes out like lava as you slice into it. The chocolate lava has a texture that coats your palate voluptuously, its flavour release is gradual and lingers on, allowing you to fully savour each luxurious bite.



Crafted with only the best ingredients -  Valrhona Guanaja (70%) and good french butter. If you're gonna sin, go all the way. There's no sense otherwise. After all, temptation's only fun when you succumb to it fully. No guilt. Just pure indulgence.




Earl Grey & Pear. Here, our Chocolate cake batter is infused with the enlivening fragrance of bergamot-scented earl grey tea and is paired with silky slices of poached pears. This threesome is one of my favourite flavour pairings! This cake is slightly fatter from the weight of the pears, weighing in at about 515g to 535g.



Peppermint Variation. Just the right amount of cooling peppermint freshens up the rich, fudgy-centred chocolate cake. If you love the choc-mint combi, you'll definitely want to try this!



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Valrhona Chocolate Cake - 21st MAY (FRI)