In Lace’s second book, she draws inspiration from her travels, taking with her bits and pieces of taste memories (and ingredients) as souvenirs back into her kitchen at home in Singapore, where she spends her time brewing up more dishes and documenting recipes. This book is a compilation of more than 60 carefully tested recipes and in her signature approachable style, the recipes are fun, fresh and most importantly, they definitely tingle your tastebuds!

There’s seared scallops on a bed of corn and chinese sausage (lup cheong), emboldened with a spritz of lime and some shavings of pecorino or parmigiano. There’s a comforting and silky fish congee with incredible depth of flavour and sweetness. There’s superior stock like those you’d find in fancy Chinese Restaurants as we amp up its flavour even more with a chunk of umami-laden kombu. There’s peppery glass noodles slicked with prawn oil and seeped with the flavour of crushed aromatics. There’s a rice and seafood soup topped with little nuggets of fried garlic that will have you coming back for seconds. And thirds. There’s wok-charred brussels sprouts that are smokey, crunchy, spicy, sweet, salty and sour - pops of flavour and texture. There's black garlic and black bean laced rice noodles adorned with lashings of fried garlic. You might crave something sweet after a meal, so how about a soft and spongey thai milk tea roll cake, or some milk chocolate coconut sugar cookies or even a sticky plump pudding cake? Just to name a few… ;)


 Bearing in mind the age-old dilemma that everyone who cooks at home faces, there’s a box accompanying each recipe called “Continuing the Feast”, which gives suggestions on what else you can do with leftover ingredients, linking you up to other recipes that make use of say, Ingredient X. All the more pertinent now in light of the global pandemic. This reduces waste and allows you to stretch your leftovers to form another meal, making this your continuous, Asian-Inspired feast. The recipes and ideas here are merely suggestions meant to stir your imaginations, tingle your taste buds, and tease forth your creativity as you whip up your meals Around your Dining Table.

From one home cook to another.




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Around the Dining Table - An Asian-Inspired Modern Feast