You can make any variation of this light and refreshing cold noodle salad that's bound together with a ponzu dressing. At home, my standard variation is with silky thin somen noodles and some slices of grilled salmon belly. I usually use a mix of lime juice and lemon juice to approximate the yuzu juice that's typically called for in ponzu. As for the vegetables, use any cold, crisp, fresh vegetables you desire or that you've got on hand in your chiller! It's easy.

Serves 2 pax


150g dried somen noodles or 2 servings of fresh soba noodles

Protein of choice - in this case, Smoked Duck Breast

Cucumber slices or any fresh veggies you desire

10 to 12 edamame pods

spring onions, to garnish

Ponzu Dressing:

45ml light soy sauce

2 Tablespoons mirin

2 Tablespoons sake

45ml yuzu juice (or mix equal parts lemon and lime juice)

1 T light sesame oil (optional)

For the dressing, just mix everything to combine and set aside.

The smoked duck breast is ready to eat and comes already seasoned, so I just warmed it up in a dry pan over medium-low heat. Set aside and slice.

Cook your noodles of choice together with the edamame beans (if using) until they're just cooked. Quickly rinse them under running water and place them in an ice bath to arrest cooking and allow them to get chilled.

While they're in their ice-bath, prepare the vegetables you'll be using. In my case, I just sliced up the cucumber and spring onions for garnish.

To serve, pile some noodles on your serving plate. Pile on your veggies, edamame and arrange your protein slices around the noodles. Spoon over some of your ponzu sauce and garnish with some spring onions. You can place some of the ponzu sauce in a bowl on the side for diners to help themselves.

The smoked duck breast and edamame mentioned here was sent over by Shopee from Yocorn Food Singapore during this Circuit Breaker period and you can check out their range of groceries for home cooking here.

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