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I saw Caecilia's brothier version of the sesame chicken recipe found in my book and couldn't resist cooking up a batch of silky somen noodz as the perfect vehicle to slurp up all that sauss with. I'm sharing the recipe from my book here - the dish can be found under the "Around the Dining Table" chapter - as well as the the adaptations I made for this.

All recipes in the book are accompanied by step by step shots and a Tips/Notes Section (see 2nd screenshot below) on what to look out for when cooking or an explanation of certain key ingredients used/steps employed during the cooking process. Enjoy!

Excerpt taken from "Three Dishes One Soup" by Lace Zhang

Modifications made under **NOTES below


- To make a brothier dish, add more water when stewing the chicken, up to the level in the pot to just cover all the meat.

- Cover the lid during the duration of cooking if you feel like the water is reducing too much, or top up with more liquid.

- If using an entire chicken, do note that overcooking will result in tough breast meet. Alternatively, use all dark meat and you can stew till it's fall-apart tender (about 45 mins to an hour). You'll see the meat start to fall off the bone and that's when you know it's tender!

- Before serving, adjust the "Soup" for seasoning. Since you've added more liquid, you do need to make it slightly saltier so add a splash more light soy and salt.

- Cook up a bunch of Somen noodles to serve with your dish. I do about 200g dried noodles for 3 people.

- Plate this last minute as the noodles tend to soak up the sauce pretty quickly.

P/S: More cooking steps can be found on my IG Stories Highlight..

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