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We open for orders every Sunday 8pm &Monday at 1pm. Am on a break now and will be back in September. Cya then! Click on the button below that says  "ORDER FORM". Thanks for your patience =)You can also join the waiting list here!


Valrhona Chocolate Cake

460g loaf for $55

This decadent chocolate cake is a play on texture and mouthfeel. Its outer layer is akin to a rich chocolate cake, and houses a core of molten, bittersweet fudge that oozes out like lava as you slice into it. The chocolate lava has a texture that coats your palate voluptuously, its flavour release is gradual and lingers on, allowing you to fully savour each luxurious bite.


Crafted with only the best ingredients -  Valrhona Guanaja (70%) and good french butter. If you're gonna sin, go all the way. There's no sense otherwise. After all, temptation's only fun when you succumb to it fully. No guilt. Just pure indulgence.

Keeps for 2 days at room temperature and up to 4 days in the fridge. When refrigerated, texture firms up like a truffle, so do bring it to room temp before consumption.

Classic chocolate chunk cookies

A box of 6 large cookies for $32


Like a little black dress, a certain flap bag with interlocking Cs and red lips ;), some things just never go out of style. Enter the Classic Chocolate Chunk Cookie which is given an upgrade here, yet still stays true to itself.

In this variant, its outer edges are airy crisp (when toasted again and/or fresh out the oven) while its centre is pleasantly chewy.


The cookie dough is strongly redolent of caramel and butterscotch notes and is swirled with chunks of Valrhona Guanaja (70%) and Alpaco (66%). To finish, a sprinkle of coarse sea salt flakes.

Crafted with only the best ingredients. Good french butter, light muscovado sugar, pure vanilla extract and generous pieces of Valrhona Chocolate feves.

Note: For this week's cookie box, there will be 3 of the Classic ones above and 3 fudgy ones.

Manjari berry

525g loaf for $60

The fruity, zesty sister of the Valrhona Chocolate cake above, this one uses Manjari (64%), which has an acidic finish and is redolent of berries. To echo those notes of red fruit in the chocolate, bursts of Valrhona's intense Raspberry Inspiration is swirled into its molten core as well.


These feves taste even more like raspberries than the fruit itself. You get that intense burst of tart, fruity, pink berries interspersed between bites of chocolate cake.

If you like chocolate and berries together...


*All baked goods from this kitchen contain eggs, dairy products and gluten. It is also produced in a kitchen that handles nuts. Do note if you've got any form of allergies. We advise you not to consume them if you've got any allergies!

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