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When not working on recipes in her kitchen, cranking up her overused commercial (yes, you read that right) oven at home, Lace can be found reading about food, writing love letters to food, shopping for groceries or gazing lovingly at the displays in bakeries. 

She is the author of the award winning Three Dishes One Soup - Inside the Singapore Kitchen and just launched her second cookbook, Around the Dining Table - An Asian Inspired Modern Feast. An avid baker and home cook, her first foray into the kitchen was through baking, a passion she uncovered during her days at Singapore Management University, where she spent her lectures voraciously scrolling through recipe sites and paying no heed to the ongoing lecture. This further fueled her desire to create home baked treats from scratch and unleashed the floodgates to what would grow into an obsession with eating, creating, writing and learning about food. Along the ongoing journey, also discovering more about life, culture and human nature. Food is more than just mere sustenance. 


Lace's work has been featured in Wine & Dine, Female, Women's Weekly and the Sunday Times.


She also posts cooking tutorials and hold bake sales on:




You'll be kept well-fed! ;)

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